<p> Nancy Muir Boysen is the author of more than 100 books on technology and other nonfiction topics. Prior to her authoring career, Nancy was a senior manager at several technology publishers as well as a training manager at Symantec. She has a Certificate in Distance Learning Design from the University of Washington, and has taught Internet safety and technical writing at the university level.</p> <p> Michael Miller is a popular and prolific writer. He has written more than 200 books over the past three decades, on a variety of topics from computers to music to business, for audiences ranging from high school seniors to seniors over 50. He is known for his casual, easy-to-read writing style and his ability to explain a wide variety of complex topics to an everyday audience. Collectively, his books have sold more than a million copies worldwide. His best-selling technology-related books include Computer Basics: Absolute Beginner's Guide , Easy Computer Basics , How Microsoft Windows Vista Works , Microsoft Windows XP for Home Users , My Smart Home for Seniors , My Social Media for Seniors , My Windows 10 Computer for Seniors , Using Microsoft Windows 95 , and Windows 7 Your Way . Learn more about Michael Miller and his books at www.millerwriter.com. His Twitter handle is @molehillgroup.</p>