Prima Materia Long before Jaden witnessed the mutual conjunctions of Sadira with Kalina and Arjan with Dracaen, the Alchemists' Council and the Rebel Branch had worked for millennia at cross purposes. The Alchemists' Council aimed to perfect the Lapis by vanquishing its Flaw, whereas the Rebel Branch sought to increase the Flaw and thereby regain control of the Lapis. According to sacraments of the Alchemists' Council, perfecting the Lapis culminates in eternal union as the communal One. According to decrees of the Rebel Branch, maintaining the Flaw preserves free will throughout the dimensions. Until the war over the Lapis is ultimately waged and won, Council holds responsibility for maintaining the elemental balance of the outside world through the quintessential power of the Lapis. To increase this Quintessence, alchemists in Council dimension participate in the Sacrament of Conjunction, a ritual wherein two beings fully merge into one body and mind. Meanwhile, in Flaw dimension, rebels seek the means to alter this sacrament through blood alchemy -- the means to ensure conjunction becomes mutual: two minds, two essences, two beings, each sustaining free will within one body fused through the ancient bloodline. We are the Blood of the Dragon! We live as the Flaw in the Stone! Excerpted from The Flaw in the Stone: The Alchemists' Council, Book 2 by Cynthea Masson All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.