Booklist Review
Abrianna Parker was abducted as a teenager and subjected to experiments from a mad scientist. Six years later, she takes coke to quell the voices in her head, which she does not realize is her ability to read the minds of those around her. When she inherits a huge debt to a drug lord after her ex loses his shipment, she agrees to work as an escort in D.C. to pay it off. She wakes up with her john only to find he was murdered. The officer who rescued her and another of the kidnapped girls way back when identifies her from a photo at the crime scene. Diamond ramps up the action as her tough, gifted, and beautiful protagonist finds herself involved with an ex-con who helps her flee and a terrorist plot. As Abrianna and Kadir begin to realize that secret powers-that-be are trying to frame them, they decide to try to find the real villains. Popular street-lit writer Diamond kicks off a new series with this excellent, fast-paced tale of romantic suspense.--Alessio, Amy Copyright 2016 Booklist