Booklist Review
Zoie Crawford is a strong-willed and talented African American journalist who is the lead writer on a series about the aftermath of 9/11. She has earned her success, but Zoie's busy life in New York is also an excuse she uses to avoid her mother's passive-aggressive phone calls. When she learns of her grandmother's death, Zoie knows that she has to return home to New Orleans and confront all that she ran away from, including her family and her former lover, Jackson. Family secrets and loyalty are the heart of this sentimental contemporary romance about a reunion contrived by a deceased matriarch who left a will that forces these feisty women to live under the same roof and deal with the past. Romance rekindles with handsome Jackson, who has always held a torch for Zoie, and although their reunion is sweet, the love story takes a backseat to the family drama, which fans of Brenda Jackson and Sheila Copeland will likely enjoy.--Giovanni, Kristina Copyright 2017 Booklist