Booklist Review
Two realms, the Council and Flaw dimensions, are at odds about questions of choice, and, ultimately, the fate of free will is at stake. Genevra, an outside world scribe, stumbles across a text with long-lost knowledge and stunning implications for receiving alchemical wisdom. Melia and Ilex, in an unprecedented mutual conjoining, set off a complex braid of events: Dracaen becomes increasingly obsessed with the details of his plans for Rebel Branch; the Council nearly succeeds in removing the Flaw; Melia and Ilex take a tremendous risk, attempting to breach time; and Cedar and Saule are embroiled in their own multifaceted plots. Each of these actions has consequences for the elemental balance of the world, and there is plenty of treachery and forgery to add complexity to the story. A distinctive style; fascinating alchemical world building; and a strong, epic goal make this a delightful follow-up to The Alchemists' Council (2016), and it sets up the complex interaction between everyone's contingency plans beautifully, with twists and turns that promise a satisfying conclusion.--Schroeder, Regina Copyright 2018 Booklist