Booklist Review
*Starred Review* When we last saw them, monster-hunter Kate Harker had formed a surprising alliance with soulful monster August Flynn. Now August remains in Verity, a city overwhelmed by a triad of monster breeds spawned by human sins. Kate has fled to Prosperity, a neighboring territory where monsters are few enough that most people still pretend they don't exist. But consummate loner Kate has joined forces with a group that hunts them. While Kate has reluctantly softened, August has hardened almost beyond recognition. Now a military leader, he fights against the Malchai, the blood-drinking monsters created by murder, who seek to control the city, and he no longer resists his own Sunai abilities to steal the souls of murderers. When Kate encounters a new kind of monster one who causes humans to act on their most violent impulses and then feeds on the resulting chaos it sends her hurtling back to an unwelcoming Verity, and to August. If This Savage Song (2016) was a tense exploration of human nature, this sequel is a reckoning. The price of violence, even for a reason, is high, and Schwab folds questions of identity, morality, and judgment into her stunningly crafted narrative. Things like safety and happiness are unfamiliar concepts in this world, and readers will be hard-pressed to put this action-driven finale down before they reach the bitter end. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: This Savage Song was a number-one best-seller, and this second half of the duology delivers.--Reagan, Maggie Copyright 2017 Booklist