Booklist Review
The Seven Realms regional conflicts are about to become international, as a small band of spies, healers, pirates, soldiers, and royalty try to caution their respective homes about an imminent threat from the ruthless mage Empress and her zombielike armies. All of them have their own reasons for wanting her stopped, and their only chance is to overcome past conflicts and trust each other. The third entry in the Shattered Realms series is even more riveting than the first two, Flamecaster (2016) and Shadowcaster (2017). Previously, Chima introduced characters, conflicts, history, and setting, and although she enriches the personal narrative of an earlier minor character, relationships and political complications dominate this volume. Each chapter or two moves to a new hot spot, and tension increases at a quickening pace as the looming war approaches. This book proves another cliff-hanger, with partnerships in flux and identities still hidden. Readers may wish for a scorecard, but Chima effortlessly juggles her players and weaves their plotlines into a seamless whole that will leave series fans anxious for more.--Welch, Cindy Copyright 2010 Booklist