Publishers Weekly Review
Bestseller Johansen and son's gripping fourth collaborative effort (after 2010's Shadow Zone) stars Dr. Kendra Michaels, a music therapist with some amazing talents. Born blind, Kendra developed her other senses to an extraordinary degree until her sight was restored at age 20. As a modern-day Sherlock Homes, Kendra is invaluable to the FBI, who pull her into the case of six fatal stabbings in the San Diego area in 45 days that was earlier investigated by her former lover, Jeff Stedler, who's gone missing. All six victims had the same as yet unidentified substance in their bodies. Despite not being a team player and friction with her co-worker, Adam Lynch, Kendra picks up some almost invisible clues that put them on the right track. Now someone is determined to kill her. The authors combine idiosyncratic yet fully realized characters with dry wit and well-controlled suspense that builds to a satisfying conclusion. Agent: Andrea Cirillo, the Jane Rotrosen Agency. (July) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Booklist Review
Kendra Michaels was blind the first 20 years of her life. A miraculous new procedure changed that, but her other senses remain keener than any normal person's. That hypersensitivity comes in handy with law-enforcement groups across the country. Now the FBI is knocking at her door again. By trade, Kendra is a music therapist and enjoys using her unusual skills to help troubled kids find a sense of peace through music. But into her life walks Adam Lynch, not an FBI agent per se but a consultant who specializes in getting jobs done at any cost. His technique is half charismatic, half manipulative, and the case at hand involves her ex-boyfriend, Jeff, an agent himself, who has disappeared, and when it's apparent he might be the next on a serial killer's hit list, Kendra gets sucked in. The pace here is quick, and the subject matter intriguing. Kendra's talents are mind-blowing if a little unbelievable, but they make her a crackerjack detective all cops would want on their team, even though she comes with a boatload of attitude. The scenes with Adam and Kendra ooze sexual tension, making this thriller a titillating delight. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: The popular mother-son team's latest will be supported by a widespread media campaign including national televison advertising.--Wilkens, Mary Frances Copyright 2010 Booklist