Booklist Review
The Transference trilogy continues with this second adventure of the miserably named Princess Sorrowlynn. Though she succeeded in defeating the fire dragon Zhun, her companion and betrothed Prince Golmarr now possesses a supernatural hatred for her and must lock himself away to prevent further disaster. Determined to free Golmarr of the dragon's malicious curse, Sorrow means to learn to become a fierce warrior. Already armed with fire magic and centuries' worth of knowledge gleaned from the evil dragon, she's quite a bit ahead of most of the other students at the training citadel. Trouble comes calling when her father, Lord Damar, comes to Anthar to inform her she's been married without her knowledge to an evil prince who wants her only for her magic, and her studies and attempts to save Golmarr are stymied. Twisting and a bit muddled, this sequel complements the first volume, though it feels less exciting. Buy it to continue the series.--Comfort, Stacey Copyright 2017 Booklist