Publishers Weekly Review
Romance comes to Theresa MacLean for the first time since her fiance's death, in Black's satisfying sixth mystery featuring the Cleveland forensic scientist (after Blunt Impact). From the moment Theresa meets David Madison she's captivated. That the feeling appears to be mutual, though, only serves to make the savvy crime fighter suspicious. Questions plague her. How does he know the murder victim at whose funeral they meet? Is David connected to a 25-year-old fire in Cleveland State University student housing-a fire that's somehow connected to a series of explosions she's currently investigating? Are these explosions related to the sudden rash of untimely deaths among a group of old college friends? Everywhere she looks, Theresa sees vague links but no hard evidence. With only her gut to go on, she-and the reader-scud through a series of devilishly clever blind alleys and red herrings, some more contrived than others, until everything ties together. Agent: Vicky Bijur, Vicky Bijur Literary Agency. (Nov.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Booklist Review
Cleveland forensic scientist Theresa MacLean is just finishing a suicide investigation at a downtown apartment building when it blows up. Escaping with severe cuts and bruises, Theresa is back at work the next day, this time to check out an apparent drug overdose. Accompanying her is cop Marty Davis. While Theresa is in the house examining the overdose victim, Davis waits outside, but when Theresa comes out, Davis is lying in the driveway, shot in the head. Her investigation into both cases leads to a decades-old drug ring, a Cleveland millionaire businessman with an impressive chemical lab, a homeless man who knows more than he's telling, and a budding romance with a man whose teacher wife ran off with her 13-year-old pupil. Theresa eventually links the disparate clues, and it's just a matter of figuring out who's the puppet master behind the byzantine case. Quick pacing, a keep-'em-guessing plot, plenty of dark humor, and a spunky, outspoken, whip-smart heroine make this a must-read for fans of Cornwall and Grafton.--Melton, Emily Copyright 2010 Booklist