Booklist Review
Ten-year-old Macy loves spending time with her ailing mother and Miss Tokyo, a large handmade Japanese doll exhibited at the small museum next door, where her father is director. After Mama's death, Macy becomes the doll's protector, an increasingly difficult role after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and a dangerous one when local zealots take aim at all things Japanese. Sent to live in another town, Macy secretly takes Miss Tokyo and hides her there, but when she learns that her brother's ship has been torpedoed, she too angrily lashes out at the doll, a readily available target. Like its companion books, Ship of Dolls (2014) and Dolls of Hope (2015), this volume is a stand-alone title inspired by a Japanese/American doll-exchange program in the 1920s. The well-constructed story gives readers a clear sense of how wartime fears, heightened by rumor and paranoia, ledpeople to act irrationally and destructively. The message is delivered methodically at various points in the third-person narrative. An involving story of WWII on the home front.--Phelan, Carolyn Copyright 2017 Booklist