Booklist Review
After thieving his way up the ranks of London's underground, Barclay Pearce now works as a secret agent of the Crown. His newest assignment finds him in the crosshairs as the Great War sets off a technology race, and in the arms of a suffragette. Evelina Manning craves freedom from her mother's scrutiny of her causes, but her broken engagement leaves her wondering if independence and love can ever be united. When Evelina's father, a famed inventor, and his coveted work go missing, it is a race against the clock as Barclay and Evelina face the shadows of the past and an uncertain future together. White proves again that she is a master of thrilling conclusions in the final installment of her Shadows over England series (A Song Unheard, 2018), a tale featuring delightful historical details about clock making set against the tension and suspicion of street life and war in 1915 England. Early social justice and advocacy efforts stoke the themes of purpose and self-worth, and Barclay's unruly but loyal siblings embody the adage that love makes a family. --Kate Campos Copyright 2018 Booklist