Booklist Review
Growing up as one of nine children in Elmira, New York, in the 1950s, Hilfiger could hardly imagine that one day he'd be jet-setting to Hong Kong and India, London and Paris, rubbing elbows with rock-and-roll royalty such as Mick Jagger, and underwriting some of the world's most charitable causes. Yet with a tenacity remarkable in a teenager of the happenin' 1960s, Hilfiger channeled his eye for detail and his flair for fashion into a basement shop selling bell bottoms and tie-dye shirts as fast as the local college crowd could buy them. Now one of the best-recognized names in the industry, Hilfiger didn't rise to international acclaim either steadily or surely and certainly not predictably. As he recounts the deals gone bad and the trusts betrayed, Hilfiger also relates with wide-eyed wonder the achievements and triumphs that have made his brand a go-to staple of hip clothing for three very different decades. Fashionistas and business gurus alike will glean important lessons from Hilfiger's rags-to-riches rag-trade story.--Haggas, Carol Copyright 2016 Booklist