Publishers Weekly Review
Prior to publishing his bestselling memoir, A Street Cat Named Bob, Bowen and his feline sidekick were barely scraping by when opportunity struck in the form of a newspaper story, entitled "Two Cool Cats," profiling the odd couple. The paper set off a wave of interest on Bowen and Bob, culminating in a book deal. Still reeling from the abrupt 180-degree turn his life took, Bowen recounts his transition to overnight celebrity in this equally engaging prequel. Cat-lovers expecting a heartwarming account of Bob's quirky behavior will certainly get that, but Bowen's focus is on the realities of homelessness. Harassment from uninformed, self-appointed do-gooders concerned about Bob's welfare, heartless citizens having a laugh at his expense, and a harrowing encounter with a fellow addict who overdosed on Bowen's doorstep are just a few of the anecdotes here; Bowen isn't looking to shock anyone or paint himself as a martyr. It's this smartly balanced blend of humor, pathos, and humility that makes Bowen such an engaging narrator, and it's no wonder the unlikely duo have inspired so many followers on Facebook as well as in real life. Bowen has crafted a terrific sequel to an amazing and inspiring story that's just beginning. (May) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Booklist Review
*Starred Review* The author's Street Cat Named Bob (2012) climbed onto the New York Times best-seller list as it touched the hearts of cat lovers in not only the U.S. but also, prior to that, in Bowen's and Bob's native Britain. If you are unfamiliar with the previous book (and shame on you), the author was a London street musician and recovering drug addict when he stumbled upon an ill ginger tabby, whom he named so ­perfectly Bob. He fixed Bob up, and they have been inseparable ever since. The remarkable aspect of their friendship no, love is that Bob accompanied Bowen most days on his street-playing gig, attracting considerable attention in his own right. Now comes a sequel to that beguiling book, and this human-­feline team has not lost any of its extraordinariness. The primary focus in this second installment of the Bob story is the fame and fortune that came Bowen's way in the wake of the spectacular success of the first book. But is Bob no longer as vital to Bowen's life? Be serious. Bob's serenity has kept his now-famous owner grounded and aware of what's really important in life: the strength of love. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: The previous book's popularity will guarantee the commercial success of the author's new one.--Hooper, Brad Copyright 2014 Booklist