Booklist Review
Jordan Gatewood has spent his career becoming one of the wealthiest, most powerful black businessmen in Dallas. During his rise to the top he has made enemies, including the bigoted Degan family, who purposely attempted to impede his career because of the color of his skin. The Degans aren't sure what they hate more, Jordan's success or their inability to keep him from it. Now they have found his Achilles heel in his love for Abby Rhodes, a headstrong, hardworking woman who has stolen his heart. Despite Jordan's best efforts to protect her, Abby is kidnapped, and Jordan only has five days to find her while being blackmailed into a business deal that is sure to ruin everything he has spent his career to build. Although Jordan would sacrifice everything for Abby, will he be able to find her before it is too late? A suspenseful page-turner with a hint of romance, the follow-up to Seducing Abby Rhodes (2017) is an intricate, fast-paced story filled with danger, love, and characters the reader will love to hate.--Margaret Copyright 2018 Booklist