Booklist Review
She's busted back into the world, gained new followers (and friends), and escaped from an evil corporation that harnesses the powers of the gods and now she's going global. Freya, the Norse goddess of love and war, among other things, first hit the scene in Freya (2017), and this sequel finds her headed to Hollywood, ready to gain love and adoration from her followers as an actress on the small screen. But there's a reason she needs all this power. Her old enemy Ares, the Greek god of war, is back on the map, and Freya doesn't have the strength to face him down yet. Plus, people all around Freya seem to have ulterior motives. But isn't that just showbiz? This sequel is a little more meandering than its predecessor, but Laurence continues to pack a clever metaphorical punch as he places ancient gods in the modern day, and he draws from a fascinating range of lesser-known pantheons when rounding out the supporting cast. Stay tuned: Freya's not done with us yet.--Reagan, Maggie Copyright 2018 Booklist