Booklist Review
In the follow-up to K'Wan's urban thriller, Diamonds and Pearl (2016), Diamond is captured and tortured by several people. Pearl misses him but assumes he blew her off and focuses her energy on her eighteenth-birthday party instead. Her father, Big Stone, plans a big meeting during the party with the leaders of nearby criminal operations, since he is worried about who is targeting all the crime lords. Knowledge, his number two, is keeping an eye on a new gang from New Orleans that includes a woman trumpet player, Vita, who also misses Diamond and thinks the new leader, Buda, is involved. There are a lot of players in this violent tale, and few are left standing after the party. K'Wan manages to give characters depth and feelings, especially Vita, Knowledge, and Pearl. Readers will need to read the first novel to enjoy this book fully, and they will be watching to see what happens in the next one, as new leaders are poised to take over New York's crime world. Fans of Mob fiction and street-lit enthusiasts may enjoy this.--Alessio, Amy Copyright 2017 Booklist