Booklist Review
For 25 years, the revenge-seeking Sídhe have summoned Irish teens to their nightmarish world, the Grey Land. Nine out of 10 teens never return. Nessa Doherty and the boy she loves, Anto Lawlor, however, are another story. They survived, and now they want nothing more than to settle down together. There's just one hitch: the Irish Nation believes Nessa committed treason during her time in the Grey Land and her sentence could be death. To make matters worse, the Irish Nation's ambushed Anto, too, consigning him for now to an elusive troop known simply as the infestation squad. All the while, the Sídhe and their fey realm loom ever closer. Although its predecessor, The Call (2016), simmered with suspense, here O'Guilin brings thrills to a full-on boil. As the third-person narrative whirls between the colorless Grey Land and the war-torn Irish countryside, hair-raising fight sequences, fantastically gruesome monsters, and fascinating character arcs abound. As much a horror-tinged fairy tale as it is a glittering love story, this eerie sequel is sure to invade many readers' imaginations.--Shemroske, Briana Copyright 2018 Booklist