Booklist Review
With all the Alamo tales already published over the past nearly two centuries, one wonders if another really serves a purpose. But Clagett (The Pursuit of Murieta, 2013) has done a masterful job of delving into the backstories of the characters involved, Texan and Mexican both. With little true, documented history to lean on and no survivors from the ranks of the fighting men to tell their stories, the interested history buff is left wondering. Clagett addresses that wondering. What does a fighting man say to his wife immediately before he steps out the door to face insurmountable odds? What does the wife say when she knows she will be a widow within minutes? What do three brothers do and say as they face certain death together? How does a man deal with his regrets when there is no time left? How does a man act when facing his execution? And how did the many individuals come to be there at all? Line of Glory is a well-written and well-paced read.--Quist, Reg Copyright 2018 Booklist