Booklist Review
An outlaw gang led by Mason McCabe has established a formidable headquarters called Hellgate in an extinct volcano close to Prescott, Arizona. McCabe's purpose is to have his henchmen rob, terrorize, and kill in their pursuit of gathering wealth and kidnapping women and children to transport to Mexico to be sold into slavery. In the holdup of a stagecoach on its way to Prescott, the desperadoes capture Rose and haul her to Hellgate. The brutality of Hellgate is hinted at by the stench of death noticeable a mile away. Rose, her chains removed and suffering through her days in a filthy tent, finds a would-be rescuer in a piano-playing man. Together they plot an escape plan for themselves and the many women and children being held. Hellgate is a brutally violent story. The bad guys are extremely bad, and the good guys, including Rose, are only marginally better. The brutal nature of Cox's latest (after Chasm Creek, 2015) may shock traditional western readers but could find a crossover audience of horror fans.--Quist, Reg Copyright 2018 Booklist