Publishers Weekly Review
Bestseller Roby's idea to bring a copycat nightmare to life strains credibility because of too many plot holes. It's hard to believe that Traci Calloway Cole, a bestselling new author, would befriend Simone Phillips, a stranger and unpublished writer, just because they ended up at the same high-end hair salon, especially when Traci's short-lived friendship with another writer went terribly sour. Still, Traci interrupts her busy schedule to read Simone's chapters, helps her get an agent, and promises to push the book on her own website. Her husband and sisters are suspicious of Simone, who, among other peculiar things, adopts Traci's appearance-down to her eyebrow shape, hair color, and hairstyle, using extensions to complete the look. Why doesn't all this make her wary of this new person in her life? Simone blithely goes into credit card debt to duplicate Traci's expensive accessories and clothing, puts the same costly appliances and furniture in her rental condo to exactly replicate the rooms in the successful author's home, and requires her fiancé to leave his family's church so they can join Traci's place of worship, all without considering that she might be doing anything out of the ordinary. But the weakest turn occurs when Simone plagiarizes Traci's first novel and tries to pass it off as her own. Roby's Pollyannaish approach and simplistic resolution to a complicated situation unfortunately fall flat. (Jan.) © Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Booklist Review
The latest from NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work (fiction) winner Roby (A Sinful Calling, 2016) diverges from, yet is loosely aligned with, her best-selling Curtis Black series. In this short but memorable tale, Simone Phillips befriends author Traci Calloway Cole in the salon, and can't believe her luck when the well-known writer agrees to help her get her book published. She can't stop thinking about Traci, and friends her through several social-media feeds. She also orders copies of Traci's clothes, purses, and shoes and even gets extensions to look like her new heroine. But Simone is not ready to commit to her fiancé, and is reluctant to join his church, preferring her new church with Reverend Curtis Black, the one Traci's family attends. Her admiration of Traci develops into an unhealthy obsession, affecting all areas of her life. Though painful at times, as Simone spirals down, this fast read evokes sympathy for a troubled woman who is trying to compensate for issues tied to her family life. Roby delivers another thought-provoking and emotionally powerful drama.--Alessio, Amy Copyright 2016 Booklist