Publishers Weekly Review
In Tesh's pleasantly diverting third mystery featuring the housemates who live with laid-back clairvoyant "Cam" Camden in Parkland, N.C. (after 2012's Mixed Signals), Lucas Finch-a member of a brotherhood of magicians called Wizards of Wow-hires PI David Randall to find a stolen box that supposedly once belonged to the great Houdini. Might a rival group, Wizards and Amazing Mages, be involved? Things become more serious when the body of Lucas's twin brother, Taft, is discovered folded inside a trunk backstage at the Magic Club, a nightclub downtown. Randall's investigations turn up some amusing characters among the flamboyant magicians and stagestruck wannabes, and the Grace Street residents contribute their share of quirkiness to the proceedings. Readers shouldn't expect a lot of tension-the major conflict is whether Camden's girlfriend can prevent a talentless, domineering harpy from taking over the Psychic Service Network. (Oct.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.
Booklist Review
North Carolina PI David Randall has a new client: stage magician Lucas Finch, who wants Randall to find a missing prop that was once owned by Houdini. Randall is already working for Sandy Olaf, a local socialite, looking for some lost jewelry, but he can always use some new clients. Although when Finch's brother, also a stage magician, turns up dead, Randall wonders if perhaps he should have stuck to the missing-jewelry case. Randall is a good character, a struggling PI with some serious personal issues he's avoiding dealing with his young daughter's death in a car accident four years ago and he's surrounded by some nifty supporting players (including friend Camden, a professional psychic). This is the third Randall mystery (following Stolen Hearts, 2011), and readers who have yet to try this series should be encouraged to crack this one open.--Pitt, David Copyright 2010 Booklist