Booklist Review
Previously published as What Daddy Did in 1991, Shusterman's stand-alone novel is based on a true story. With his parents' marriage on the precipice of divorce and constant fighting his daily soundtrack, Preston chooses to live with his dad. But when his dad does the unthinkable shooting and killing Preston's mother Preston is forced to reckon with the aftermath. As he and his little brother, Tyler, move in with their maternal grandparents while his father serves out a surprisingly short jail sentence, Preston struggles with his feelings for his dad. Most remarkable about this novel is its unlikely focus on forgiveness, particularly as it is rooted in Preston's maternal grandparents their strong Christian faith helps them welcome his father back into their lives postrelease from jail. Readers may be perplexed with how little attention is paid to the loss of Preston's mother. Though not as powerful, sophisticated, or deeply probing as some of Shusterman's most acclaimed novels, the reissue should hold appeal for reluctant readers and middle-school students.--Barnes, Jennifer Copyright 2015 Booklist