Booklist Review
High-school senior Macy Atwood finds herself in quite a predicament one night at a school football game. When the lights momentarily go out, Macy is kissed by a mysterious, yet familiar, person. As she tries to figure out who kissed her, Macy recalls her junior year, a time that teems with happy memories but also misunderstandings between her and fellow classmates Meredith, Ben, and Joel. Are the events from Macy's junior year the key to discovering the mystery kisser? This outing from Ciocca is chock-full of teenage angst and drama. Similar to her debut, Last Year's Mistake (2015), Ciocca tells the novel in alternating chapters, this time skipping between Macy's junior and senior years, to relay events from homecoming and a budding romance in junior year to the current events playing out in her senior year, which dominate the final chapters. The build to the climax is slow, but features a most unexpected twist. Overall, an enticing read from Ciocca.--Patterson, Savannah Copyright 2018 Booklist