Booklist Review
Those who watch Once upon a Time know Regina Mills as the powerful witch who enchanted all of the storybook characters, separated them from their true loves, and made them forget their happily ever afters. But before she was the great Regina, she was an innocent 16-year-old girl who lived in constant fear of her mother. In this dark fantasy, readers will learn about that pivotal time in her life when Regina begins her transformation into the powerful character she is on the show. Those who haven't watched the show needn't worry about missing any context, because what awaits between the covers is a veritable trove of references to various fairy tales and a story that stands on its own. Toliver captures youthful optimism and naïveté while also going deep on themes of betrayal. A great pick for anyone who loves dark fairy-tale retellings, such as Jodi Lynn Anderson's Tiger Lily (2012) or Bill Willingham's long-running comics series, Fables, which deals with what life is like after the happily ever after ends.--Pino, Kristina Copyright 2017 Booklist