Booklist Review
BirdNote began in 2004 with an idea from the executive director of the Seattle Audubon Society: Why not use public radio as a way to connect listeners to the amazing lives of birds? Pairing field recordings from the Cornell Ornithology Lab with short segments about birds, their habits, and the challenges they face, BirdNote inspires listeners to care about and protect birds and their environment. After more than 13 years on the air, BirdNote has collected 100 of its best stories about 100 different birds and paired each with a color illustration. Each essay is less than a page long and covers a specific bird; topics range from birds' appearances (The Little Red Spot on a Gull's Bill) to behavior (King Penguins' Kazoo Band) to general facts (What in the World Is a Hoopoe?). Since the segments were written to be heard on the radio, they have a lively, conversational tone that makes for a quick and engaging read. Fans of the show and bird lovers of all ages will find much to enjoy in this book.--Winterroth, Amanda Copyright 2018 Booklist