Booklist Review
Velma does not want to fight in the Apocalypse. After her mother died, her father abandoned her, and she kicked around the foster-care system, Velma made a crucial choice to seek the light and goodness in others rather than self-centered callousness. In that moment, she joined the ranks of the Taram, an ancient order fighting against the world's darkness. The novel begins, however, with Velma betrayed by Josh her closest friend, the guy she loves, and the one she needs to fight to the death in order to save the world. The novel's beginning suffers from occasional unevenness in the speed of narration, as it bumps between plot action and background information, and the copyediting could use improvement. Still, this presents a thoughtful, powerful black young woman as a messiah figure, akin to Tananarive Due's African Immortals series. With a racing, epic plot and a cast of faithful companions, Reed deftly turns the Apocalypse into a story of hopefulness and friendship.--Rix, Zara Copyright 2017 Booklist