Booklist Review
In Weregirl (2016), Nessa Kurland, track-star extraordinaire, gets an added boost to her performance when she saves a wolf from a trap, gets bitten, and discovers she has become a werewolf. Now, she has learned how to live with her new abilities and has developed a strong bond with a pack, including Luc, her boyfriend and natural-born shifter who will one day transform into a wolf forever. However, her peace is suddenly destroyed when the FBI raids her home, arresting her mother for crimes that could result in life in prison. Does her mother have some secret past she's been hiding behind her seemingly dull life as a veterinarian technician? What if Nessa's transformation wasn't really an accident as she was lead to believe? While werewolves have lost some steam recently in YA literature, this series offers an interesting twist for readers still wanting to sink their teeth into shape-shifter lore. Throw in a strong female lead and an interesting Dr. Moreau-like medical thriller, and this has the makings of a hit among sci-fi fantasy fans.--Tomsu, Lindsey Copyright 2017 Booklist