Exploring outer space and the ocean is exciting, but what if you left something very important at home?<br> <br> Best friends Garcia and Colette are eager to go exploring, only they can't agree on where to go. Garcia loves everything about space (Stars! Planets!)­ and Colette is obsessed with the sea (Waves! Fish!).<br> <br> Staying home is not an option, so they each get busy. Garcia builds a rocket ship that's snazzy and silver. Colette's shiny submarine is perfect for deep-sea dives. And they wish each other well on their travels.<br> <br> It turns out the Milky Way really is amazing and the ocean floor is truly spectacular, but Garcia and Colette both realize they left something very important back home.<br> <br> Exploring your favorite place can be terrific, but maybe the company is more important than the destination.