"Sharpen your pencils and open your sketchbook; your teacher is waiting."-- Boston Globe <br> <br> Emmy Award-winning and longtime PBS host Mark Kistler is back with You Can Draw It in Just 30 Minutes , the sequel to his hugely popular You Can Draw in 30 Days . Take a 30-minute creativity break and be amazed at what you accomplish! Learn to draw 25 different everyday objects--each completed in just half an hour--with step-by-step illustrations and friendly, personality-filled instructions for each lesson. Inside you'll find:<br> Fun "art hacks": Drawing shortcuts (such as tracing handy objects) make you more productive and efficient in your drawing. Blueprints for quick drawings: You'll learn to find the simple shapes within complex-appearing objects. Long-term techniques: The skills you gain along the day in the individual lessons can be used in more detailed, longer projects. Hundreds of variations: More cartoonish? More realistic? The drawings can be modified for a new work of art every time. In 30 minutes, you'll have a finished drawing. Pick up your pencil and begin today!<br> <br> <br>