Hunter House has a new year's resolution you can stick to: better sex!<br> <br> Published just in time for the new year, the second edition of Extended Massive Orgasm offers even more in-depth information on how to achieve great sexual pleasure, so that your goals for 2013 can include:<br> <br> 1. Longer and more intense orgasms<br> 2. More pleasure<br> 3. A deepened relationship<br> <br> The authors of this book reveal techniques that everyone can use to give and receive extended massive orgasms. Readers will learn how to produce an extended orgasm manually, with fingers and hands touching the genitals in a precise way. With a strong focus on how to pleasure a woman, the authors also discuss pleasing men. They describe how satisfying your partner in this way is an ecstatic experience for both parties and can enhance your relationship.<br> <br> New updates in this edition include:<br> <br> new techniques for focusing on pleasure<br> 14 new diagrams and drawings for understanding techniques<br> new stroking techniques for the clitoris<br> expanded section on the male orgasm<br> expanded section on communication and relationships<br> <br> Additionally, the authors have re-written some of the original material, with insights gained from the decade of teaching sexual ecstasy that has passed since the first edition was published. Rewritten parts include:<br> <br> Positions for optimum orgasm<br> Detailed training techniques<br> The nature of orgasm and the capabilities of the human nervous system<br> The difference between sensuality and sexuality<br> Safe sex practices<br> Overcoming resistance to pleasure<br> Understanding how both partners benefit from extended massive orgasm<br> <br> Filled with specific techniques, methods, ideas, and scientific and anatomical information phrased in an accessible and readable style, this book explores the nature of pleasure and why it is so difficult to achieve in our society. The authors discuss the differences and similarities between the sexes and how to exploit those to achieve a fantastic relationship. They also include information on how to seduce your partner, how to explore your own sexuality through learning how you enjoy being touched, and how to communicate your desires to your partner clearly and joyfully.<br> <br> The benefits to both partners of an extended massive orgasm are immeasurable. Women who thought they were unable to experience orgasm at all have learned to become fully orgasmic through the techniques in this book. These women experienced such pleasurable intensity and sensation in their bodies for an extended time period that the preconceptions and limitations they had placed on themselves and their sexual potential were totally vanquished.<br> <br> And this is available to anyone who reads the book and applies and practices the methods described in Extended Massive Orgasm .