Prefacep. vii
Introductionp. 3
Timelinep. 13
Part ICosmos
Chapter 1In the Beginning: Threshold 1p. 17
Chapter 2Stars and Galaxies: Thresholds 2 and 3p. 39
Chapter 3Molecules and Moons: Threshold 4p. 56
Part IIBiosphere
Chapter 4Life: Threshold 5p. 75
Chapter 5Little Life and the Biospherep. 99
Chapter 6Big Life and the Biospherep. 125
Chapter 7Humans: Threshold 6p. 157
Chapter 8Farming: Threshold 7p. 188
Chapter 9Agrarian Civilizationsp. 210
Chapter 10On the Verge of Today's Worldp. 236
Chapter 11The Anthropocene: Threshold 8p. 259
Part IVThe Future
Chapter 12Where Is It All Going?p. 287
Acknowledgmentsp. 307
Appendix: Statistics on Human Historyp. 311
Glossaryp. 313
Futher Readingp. 325
Notesp. 327
Indexp. 341