Part IThe Best Higher Education Value in America
Chapter 1Why Community College Is a Great Choice for Almost Every Student
Chapter 2Affordable for All: Paying for Community College and Lowering Your Total Higher Education Costs
Chapter 3Scholarships and Financial Aid
Chapter 4It's Not Where You Study, It's What You Study: Why Everyone Should Consider a STEM-Related or Health Care-Related Career and Why Community College Is the Best Place to Start
Part IIGreat Community College Options - and You Can Choose More Than One
Chapter 5The Smart Start to a Bachelor's Degree: How to Use Community College as a Stepping Stone to a Bachelor's Degree
Chapter 6Two-Year Degrees and One-Year Professional Certificates: Gateways to Great Jobs and Careers
Chapter 7On Campus or Online?
Part IIIGetting Ready for Community College
Chapter 8What You Should Do to Prepare for College Level Work if You Are Now in High School
Chapter 9What You Should Do to Prepare for College Level Work if You Are a Career Changer
Chapter 10Self-Assessment Tools to Help You Prepare for the Tests That Determine Where You Start in College
Part IVHow to Succeed in Community College
Chapter 11If You're Going to Community College Directly from High School as a Full-Time Student
Chapter 12If You're Going to Community College as a Part-Time Student or a Career Changer: Juggling Classes, Homework, Your Job, and the Rest of Your Life
Conclusion: Achieving the American Dream
Appendix: The Higher Education America Needs: Win-Win Partnerships Between Community Colleges and Employers
Appendix: Additional Resources