Introduction: Worrywarts and Fearmongersp. ix
The Dangers of Magical or Misinformed Thinking
1A Site to Behold: The Wild West of Internet Medicine: How to Yelp Your Doctor, Check Your Symptoms, and Google If You're Dyingp. 1
2Risky Business: What Ebola And Your Car Have In Common: How to Put Risk into Perspectivep. 19
3Turf Wars: An Important Lesson in Correlations: How to Understand Cause, Link, and Associationp. 46
4Get Me off Your F*Cking Mailing List: A Study Worthy of Your Attention: How to Make Sense of Medical Research Jargonp. 66
5Tipping the Scale on a Balanced Diet: You are not Always What You Eat: How to Filter Out the Noise on Juicing, Going Gluten-Free, Detoxing, and GMOsp. 82
6Fat-Free Sugar, Organic Cookies, and "Fresh" Produce: A Walk Through the Supermarket: How to Read a Labelp. 101
7The True Cost of Being Fortified: Supplements, Powders, and Potions: How to Remain Vital Without Vitaminsp. 117
8Raise Your Glass: Water, Water, Everywhere: How to Be Smart Without Drinking Smart Waterp. 132
9Putting the C Back in Cam: Complementary Alternative Medicine: How to Stay Natural While Taking Your Medicinep. 149
10Take A Shot: The Perils of Losing The Herd: How Vaccines Save the Community, the Home, and Your Healthp. 167
11Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three: From the Outside Looking in: How to Determine When to Get Checked, X-rayed, Swabbed, or Pokedp. 192
12When 50 is the New 40: Drinking from the Fountain of Youth: How to Age Gracefully, Without Really Tryingp. 212
13Hyped Exercise: Climb Every Mountain: When Walking Beats Runningp. 232
Conclusion: Don't Believe the Hype: Is It All Hype?p. 246
Acknowledgmentsp. 251
Notesp. 255
Indexp. 271