Foreword and Acknowledgmentsp. ix
Introductionp. 1
Chapter 1In the Beginning Was the Boomp. 6
Chapter 2Spaces and Places: A Walk in the Parkp. 24
Chapter 3Listeners of the Low End: Fish and Frogsp. 47
Chapter 4The High-Frequency Clubp. 73
Chapter 5What Lies Below: Time, Attention, and Emotionp. 94
Chapter 6Ten Dollars to the First Person who Can Define "Music" (and Get a Musician, a Psychologist, a Composer, a Neuroscientist, and Someone Listening to an iPod to Agree...)p. 132
Chapter 7Sticky Ears: Soundtracks, Laugh Tracks, and Jingles All the Wayp. 163
Chapter 8Hacking Your Brain Through Your Earsp. 186
Chapter 9Weapons and Weirdnessp. 216
Chapter 10Future Noizesp. 246
Chapter 11You Are What You Hearp. 272
Selected Sources and Suggested Readingsp. 285
Indexp. 295